5 reasons why a large studio will make your shoot smoother

When booking a studio space for your shoot, its common to think having a space ‘just big enough’ would be adequate. After all, you’re just shooting a portrait right?

As it turns out, having a large studio space can make your shoot a lot smoother. Here’s why:

Our 1300 square foot Studio A

Our 1300 square foot Studio A

1. Space for your clients away from your camera setup

Tensions often run high on shoots as you try and manage that long list of shots. Having your clients breathing down your neck as you setup or perfect that shot is not a comfortable situation. Now imagine 5 clients present on set….

Put them in a comfortable corner with a table for them. Give them a coffee and that extra comfort will let you gain back some sanity.

2. Props and clothes need space

When you have a horde of props on set, having them laid out neatly makes it easier for the team and clients to pick and match. You dont want that porcelain vase placed right behind you as you step back while framing your shot….

3. Control your lights!

When you’re crammed into a tight space controlling your lights is tough. Main lights for your subject can spill onto the background, making it brighter than you want. Likewise, background lights can spill onto your subject. Setting ups multiple flags to cut them will take up time and every minute saved is a minute you wrap sooner.

4. Multiple setups saves time… and money

So you have 30 products to shoot in a day. Thats a lot. Instead of a single setup, why not have 2? Why not 3? The more setups you have the faster you can shoot. While you’re shooting the first, your assistant can be preparing the next. Renting a larger space and more equipment to shoot faster is going to be saving you time and saving your clients money.

5. Space for your models and crew

You’re a hot fashion photographer. You’re going to be shooting 5 models. Wow! But these 5 humans need space. You dont them crowding around your set. With more people crowding around, you’re definitely going to feel hot.

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