broncolor pulso g

  • Broncolor's standard lamp
  • 3200ws flashcube and 650w modelling lamp
  • Fan cooled
  • Broncolor Pulso bayonet mount
  • Equipped with a zoom knob to adjust from spot to flood lighting angle 
broncolor picolite.jpg

broncolor picolite

  • Compact and Lightweight Lamp 
  • 1600ws flashcube and 150w modelling lamp
  • Fan Cooled
  • Adapter required to Mount Broncolor Pulso Bayonet Modifiers 
  • Perfect for Sill-life and Products
  • Optional Ultra Fine Grid and Snoot Accessory  


broncolor Ringflash

  • Classic Ring Flash Look 
  • 2400ws flash tube
  • Comes with Detachable Reflector for Maximum Output

Please refer to our pricelist pdf for a complete list of equipment and prices.