Studio A

Measuring 38 ft x 34 ft and featuring a 20 ft wide cyclorama leveled to the floor, this space is perfect for fashion and portrait shoots. Also ideal for large products and group shots, the constraints of a 9 feet paper background are no longer a problem. A large changing room makes quick wardrobe changes a breeze. The large panel of windows are north facing making soft natural lighting without the hot sun possible all year round. Of course the blackout curtains are there to cut off all sunlight as well. With wireless internet access, a couch for clients to relax and a mobile makeup table, the only challenge left is to create the ultimate image. A ceiling height of 4.4m (14.5 ft), provides possibilities for high angle shots.

A 32Amp power source is available for high powered lights like HMIs.

Please refer to our pricelist pdf for a complete list of equipment and prices.